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Satluj Sports and Performing Arts Academy

An opportunity for aspiring cricketers of all ages to groom their skill & show their talent to the world

About Us

The Satluj Cricket Academy based in Ludhiana , noida & Punjab -India. It was started Professional Cricket Players and People who have expertise on National & State level. It is an Opportunity for cricketers of all ages to live out their passion for the sport of cricket. An opportunity for aspiring cricketers to groom their skills & showcase their talents. The academy was borne out life-long passion for cricket and a talent for working with children. Our academy provides professional and innovative coaching for all ages and levels of ability. Our qualified and experienced coaches will ensure that every session is structured, productive and most importantly – enjoyable. Toward this end, providing systematic scientific long term training throughout the year and to groom them into good players as well as healthy citizen.

Satluj Cricket Academy has tied up with Level 3 and Level 2 coaches which visit frequently .

Academy has invited earlier foreign teams ( England under 14 , Holland senior A team ) and is keen on inviting in upcoming months also . Idea behind inviting teams and organizing tours is to share the experience on skills , mental pressure and fitness , which ultimaltely leads to development and hence, giving competitive edge.

Moreover , culture experience give players the exposure too . Satluj Cricket Academy organizes tournaments and leagues of all ages .


  • To discover latent cricketing talent.
  • To nurture cricketing talent by imparting scientific long term and advanced training for honing the cricketing skills.
  • To engage all cricketers of all ages & members under one roof for maintaining their fitness development and sharing their Experience.


Little Champs League

Little Champs League (LCL) 2021 being conducted and organised by Satluj Sports and performing arts academy the first of its kind in India, aims to further promote the game of cricket among school kids up to the age of 16 years in Punjab(INDIA).

Cricket is very popular sports in India, rather it’s a religion which unites all the religions and its beyond caste and creed . If we nurture the youth properly at young age, one day they may proudly represent our State and country.

Cricket is not just a sport of power and speed but its a game of talent and every one can excel in it by proper training ,hard work , proper motivation and correct and timely exposure.

"Congratulations to the Satluj Cricket Academy . To all the junior players that will be taking part in the up coming camp, I wanted to wish you all the best, and to remind you that you will be getting some excellent coaching at the Academy. Listen to your coaches, and try to learn something every day. Be respectful of those players around you, and be prepared to help each other at all times. This is a great opportunity to get some serious cricket practice with coaches that want you to succeed with cricket. Once again, good luck, listen to your coaches, learn something every day, and most importantly have fun doing it. As a former Australian Test Cricketer, I know the importance of practice and of helping your team mates in difficult times, the fun that can be had travelling the world with your team mates, and the life long friendships cricket has given to me. I hope to be able to be at the Satluj Cricket Academy in the future, and I cant wait to meet you all and spend some time shring my experiences with you all. Good Luck."




  • 2701/b vishkarma town opp Atam park, ludhiana
  • Garden enclave Nr Carlton wood, ludhiana.
  • Gitckt textile college Rishil nagar.
  • Sbrs Gurukul school khanna.
  • Rv Intl school khanna


  • +91 98767-10054


  • 2012harpal@gmail.com
  • Satlujcricketacademy@gmail.com
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